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Our mission

Triggers IoT harnesses cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way people interact with connected devices, making homes, businesses and cities smarter and more efficient.
Our focus is to provide access to technology in the most remote places with our plug and play system.

Our history

"I launched the Trigger's Reports application in 2017 to allow individuals to reassure their loved ones in the event of a crisis. With my family, I myself have been confronted with emergency situations, linked to natural disasters or violent security events. I wanted an easy-to-use tool both to alert loved ones and to ask them if everything was fine.

I then decided to develop a solution for companies. Now, Trigger's Reports is also a one-of-a-kind platform for managing the safety of all its employees.

We had to continue in the process and complete our offer with the IOT Offgrid.
Our Solution is based on Combining IoT technology with satellite mapping. It offers the ability to gather real-time data and insights from remote locations, leading to improved decision making, increased efficiency, and cost savings in industries such as agriculture, natural resource management, and disaster response.

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